Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hp Case Study Essay Example for Free

Hp Case Study Essay In looking at this issue from all perspective, I would recommend HP to adopt universal power supply as the potential benefits outweigh the costs. From one perspective, $30 increases in product that sale for $1000 which is only 3%. This 3% increase will eliminate a lot of marketing, manufacturing, forecasting, and logistical problem that HP is spending millions each year. I believe that by spending 3% more upfront will have better bottom line effect in end. Not to mention, it will also add value to customer in sense HP may be the only company that offers universal power supply. Given the short life cycles of laser printers (18 months) along with high demand uncertainty, and the past experiences (the VIPER example), we recommend adopting the universal power supply strategy. However, clearly, to make the final decision, a thorough cost vs. benefit analysis needs to be carried out in order to determine the trade-off between the increase in manufacturing costs ($30 per printer for the universal power supply) and the decrease in stock-out and inventory holding (and improved forecasts) costs due to risk pooling and data aggregation as well as re-configuration and transshipment costs. The main component of a printer that actually performs the printing. The printer engine determines how fast and at what resolution the printer can print. Although there are many manufacturers of printers, many use the same printer engines. The difference between printers using the same printer engine revolves around other features, such as paper handling abilities and the console. Central mechanism of a laser printer that translates a printer controllers signals into the printed image. Print engines are differentiated by their output quality (resolution), print speed (pages per minute), and type of ink (or toner) used. A laser printers manufacturer (such as Hewlett Packard) is not necessarily the same as its print engine manufacturer (such as Canon). A printer fuser is the part of any laser printer or copier that makes the toner ink stick to the paper. A fuser consists of two heated rollers, and it often is the main culprit in printer breakdowns. Without it, though, toner ink would constantly smudge and would become illegible after hands touched it. A laser printer fuser or copier fuser is essential to printing. The ink drum first spreads out the ink into a pattern of a photo, term paper or whatever is being printed. At this point, the ink is very volatile because it simply sits atop the paper and has not yet become one with the sheet. This wet ink immediately goes between both rollers. Thanks to the heat and the pressure from the fuser, the ink is integrated into the paper and will not smudge as easily.

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